Disabled Driving Lessons

Disable Driving Lessons

If you have a physical disability, hearing difficulties or special educational needs, we have specialist instructors that can help you learn to drive. Disability is no obstacle when it comes to learning to drive with Zeb Driving School, as we have driving instructors who have trained specially to help people with disabilities learn to drive.

We provide vehicles that are adapted with specific disabilities in mind. For example, we have several cars available that are suitable for people who have physical disabilities. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t learn to drive if you have the ambition, as we have the experience and training to make your learning experience as easy as possible.

Why take disabled driving lessons?

There are several advantages of taking disabled driving lessons with Zeb Driving School.

Specialist instructors with extensive training

We have numerous specialist instructors who have undergone plenty of training to help them look after clients with disabilities of all kinds. For example, we have driving instructors that have undergone training to help them look after clients with Asperger’s. Don’t miss out on the brilliant experience of driving simply because you have a disability. We help you to overcome your biggest obstacles by providing cars tailored to you.

Cars designed specially for disabilities

We use cars that are modified specially for people with disabilities. Depending on the disability, our cars are adapted in different ways to offer the best experience for the learner. With advanced mechanics designed to make driving a fun experience available to everyone, our cars are perfect for everyone.

Years of experience

All our specialist driving instructors have years of experience helping individuals with disabilities to pass their driving test. Our instructors have the skills to teach you to drive regardless of your disability.

Passed Pupils

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of pupils pass their driving test. Below you’ll see some happy former pupils as well as our latest special offers and news from our Instagram page. Follow Zeb Driving School today.

Choose Zeb Driving School

We are one of the only driving schools in the West Yorkshire region that fully accommodates individuals with disabilities.

There is no reason that people with disabilities shouldn’t be able to drive, so we have invested in specialist cars and instructors to ensure you don’t miss out.

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