Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Not everyone wants to learn how to drive a manual vehicle. Some drivers don’t enjoy it, whereas others struggle or simply can’t change gears due to a disability. If you find that one of these descriptions matches your situation, taking an automatic driving lesson could be the best way to get on the road.

Why take automatic driving lessons?

There are several advantages of taking automatic driving lessons as an alternative to manual driving lessons. If you have trouble changing the gears in a manual car, you will find it much easier to drive an automatic vehicle. An automatic vehicle doesn’t have a clutch pedal and the car handles the changing of gears for you, meaning you only have to use the accelerator and the brake.

If you drive in congested areas regularly, driving can be easier in an automatic vehicle. When driving on city roads, not having to change gear can be extremely advantageous. Driving in busy areas is made much easier in an automatic transmission vehicle.

Are automatic driving lessons right for me?

Are you asking yourself whether automatic driving lessons are right for you? Driving an automatic vehicle is undoubtedly easier for most drivers, but there are some downsides that you need to consider. The main downside of taking an automatic driving test is that you won’t be permitted to drive manual vehicles once you pass your test. If you wanted to be able to drive manual vehicles as well, you would have to take another test to gain the permission to do so.

Automatic vehicles are usually more expensive than manual transmission vehicles. It is important that you consider this extra cost when deciding whether to take automatic or manual driving lessons.

Passed Pupils

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of pupils pass their driving test. Below you’ll see some happy former pupils as well as our latest special offers and news from our Instagram page. Follow Zeb Driving School today.

Why choose Zeb Driving School?

Looking for automatic driving lessons in the West Yorkshire area? Here are several reasons that you should choose Zeb Driving School.

Extensive Experience

We have a team of driving instructors with many years of experience teaching students with little to no experience. Whether you have had some driving lessons previously or you are starting from scratch, we have driving instructors that have the experience to teach you to drive skilfully and carefully.

A Wide Choice of Cars

We teach students in a wide range of cars, so you can choose the type of vehicle that you would like to learn in. Whether you want to learn in an Audi or a BMW, you can learn in a vehicle of your choice. Please view our cars page to take a look at some of the cars that you could learn to drive in.


Our driving instructors don’t just work from 9 til 5. We offer flexible hours for students unavailable during standard working hours. If you are ready to start learning now, we can be flexible to accommodate you ideally.

Helping you steer the right way!

If you need any help or advice on driving lessons, get in touch with Zeb Driving School by calling, emailing or complete our online form and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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